Bricks in the Rain, A multidisciplinary Traveling Exhibition, Ceramic, Film, Archive & Sound
A seminal moment in the history of Irish cultural exchange with China

The body of work, part of the 'Bricks in the Rain' Exhibition, explores specific memories and my interaction with these memories. Walking in the old town of Xi’an and watching at the different calligraphy artists at work, visiting temples and museums created such a visual impact that after my return to Ireland these memories became the impetus of my current work. The work of the calligraphy artists, where the focus of movement is on the action itself, inspired my free style painting when I worked on the two large tiles. The artist begins with the stroke and theoretically empties his mind through the continuous flow of motion. These motion(s) or emotion(s), are recorded as marks upon the clay surface using a micron layer of glaze providing a holographic effect to brushstrokes. I used a copper red glaze used by the potters in the Tang dynasty, which reminded me of a slightly similar glaze and glass works from the Persian, Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations. I was very much taken by the stillness of the place and the history surrounding me. The layers of culture shifting into each other gave me a freedom of exploration of materials and subjects which are reflected in the works of the ‘Thousand Buddhas‘ and the ‘Soldiers & Soldieress’. 

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Press, Reviews & TV coverage:
Nationwide, RTE National Television, 26/04/2013
Irish Examiner: Bricks in the Rain, Review by Marc O Sullivan, 20/04/2013
Irish Times: Bricks and Beauty, 13/April/2013

Irish Times: Irish Ceramics with a Chinese twist, by Deirdre Falvey,15/09/2012

13 Irish and 3 Swiss ceramic artists undertook a 5-week residency at FULE International Ceramic Art Museum, X'ian in China, accompanied by a film-maker and journalist. Artists created works, using local materials and facilities, for the museum permanent collection. After return they created a new body of work, responding to their extraordinary experience.
Selected Irish artists: Sara Flynn, Frances Lamb, Michael Moore, Laura O'Hagan, Mandy Parslow, Peter Fulop, Alex Scott, Tina Byrne, Elaine Riordan, Kathleen Standen, Neil Read, Sinead Glynn, Kathleen Moroney; Selected Swiss artists: Christine Aschwanden, Gabriele Gisi, Eva Vogelsang; 

Interviews, Sounds Archive & Film: Eleanor Flegg, Andrew Standen-Raz, Declan OCualainCurator: Hilary Morley

  • August 16th - October 14th,2012 Farmleigh Gallery Phoenix Park, Dublin; Guest Speaker: Ann Mulrooney, Curator of the National Design and Craft Gallery
  • February 7th - 27th 2013, Culture Box, Temple bar, Dublin, Guest Speaker: Ray Yeates, Arts Officer for Dublin City Council
  • April 6th –May 9th 2013,  CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery Cork, Guest Speaker: Orla Flynn, Head of College CIT Crawford College of Art & Design


Special Screening of the Documentary Film: ‘Made in China’ by Andrew Standen-Raz,

  • 3pm, Sunday 14th October, Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin
  • 2pm, Saturday 6 April, 2013 at CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, Sharman Crawford Street, Cork, including artist interviews by Eleanor Flegg 2pm,
  • November 2013 Closing weekend of the British Ceramics Biennial in Stoke-on-Trent at The Film Room at the original Spode factory site. 


Bricks in teh Rain video installation by Andrew Standen-Raz on vimeo, please click here



Trailer of the documentary film ‘Made in China’ by Andrew Standen-Raz,


Bricks in the Rain generously supported